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These folks were made an offer they couldn't refuse..........

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Tackle for Sale

The Reels etc.

Everything offered here under this section are from an estate being sold for the executrix. The reels are either new unused, lightly fished or well fished, all are LHW and I believe all can be switched, the Hatch Monsoon comes with instructions for doing so and each reel will have informative photos and descriptions. Thanks for looking and hope you find something you can use or add to your collection. Request payment in Bank Check, Postal Money Order or International Money Order if going overseas, personal check from US or Canada is fine and item will ship once check clears.

Please feel free  to make honorable offers, thanks.

Clear Creek 10 reel case, used lightly but strap is missing, excellent condition, asking $110 obo plus shipping.

image image

Orvis Spey Reel, made in England, light edge wear on edge of spool, comes with Orvis marked blue bag, very good condition. Asking $125 obo plus shipping.

image  image

Teton Tioga 10 Series LA reel with original box and spare spool and 9wt floating and 9wt salt water lines which appear to be new unused as does the reel and spool, asking $175 obo plus shipping.


Hatch Monsoon 7 Plus and spare spool with original cardboard labeled case, tool and instruction card for swapping from LHW to RHW, original neoprene cases. Reels appear either unfished with a sinking line for Atlantic Salmon fishing on the reel and gelspun backing on the spare spool, if not new it's probably used less than 2 times. Asking $800 obo plus shipping, the new reel by Hatch with spare spool would go for far more and the spools for that are interchangeable with this reel.


Orvis Battenkill LA reel 3/4 size and spare spool which appear to be unlined and unfished with Orvis zip cases. Asking $200 obo plus shipping.


SA System 1 reel, shows edge wear on spool face which I believe is from using a neoprene glove for braking pressure and should polish up. SALE PENDING
image image

Please either PM me here on the forum or email me at dickerson7613 at Gmail dot com, replace spaces and at with @ and spaces and dot with a . thanks.

The Rods

R.L. Winston SF built rod by Doug Merrick with collaborative input by the owner, A.L. Walker of Walker Reel. Arch used the rod for spot and shoot fishing at the reservoir down the road from his home on land locked salmon, dandy 2/2 5 WT in original exc condition with bag and labeled tube and Arch's name penned on the shaft. Asking $3150. obo

The last Young rod to come out of the Young Rod Shop that I am aware of, Quashnet might have more details and if provided I will adjust this posting. A Young Princess, made for the Paul Young Chapter of Trout Unlimited in exc unfished condition, yess it has been cast and was a favorite at last years SuperBoo. It's 2/2 in original bag and tube with bamboo ferrule plug and reel seat, asking $3200 obo

A 9' 3/2 Dan Brennan rod that has been restored slow-med action, 1 tip down 1", all cork reel seat and Hawes style grip in heavy duck canvas sack with tube, asking $1250 obo

A JW Gallas 5'5" 1 pc for 2/3 WT lines in exc condition with orig sack that is reinforced with a bamboo section sewn in and Gallas tube with is bus. card attached. Asking $1500 obo would cost nearly double that if John will make you one.

Gary Howells Steelhead rod 8'9" 2/2 in original bag and tube in exc condition asking $2600 obo

The Books

1st Edition 1947 The Complete Fly Fisherman by John McDonald The notes and Letters of Theodore Gordon. This is a really great book, the book is in very good shape and the DJ fair, all tight and save for some fading on the spine from the back of DJ which spent sometime in its life observing the sun. Asking $165 but will entertain reasonable offers, shipping at cost based on what the buyer wishes.


The second book is very scarce in any edition let alone the first edition published in Pennsylvania by E.H. Butler & Co. American Angler's Book by Thad. Norris. The book is not w/o issues, the corners are bumped and there is a chip in the top outer binding which can be seen in the photos, the chocolate covered inner papper is cracked at the crease which can be seen in the photo and 2 minor 1/4" tears on first blank page which has 261 R written in pencil which I believe is the bookseller inventory # and written on the Title page in the upper right hand corner is what appears to be the PA book store receipt of payment dated Sept 2, 1864, the !/4" tear is on this page as well. Rest of the book is clean, tight and free of writings, the first edition had many that were printed and ended at page 600 which left out the Index this copy includes the pages 601-604. I've had it appraised by several sources sources private and professional and listing it at $595 which is far lower than the high price I was given and am open to offers including if one wishes to purchase both which would make shipping easier and less expensive since I would ship the both free if purchased together.


A Fly Fisher's Life Chas. Ritz a limited edition of 250 signed by the author, bound in leather and housed in a slip case some sunning leather and a bump to the sc residual tape from a card that was obviously a gift (included). Asking $1200 obo

1901 Macmillan and Co. Limited Walton's Lives and the Complete Angler, soiling and stains wit slight bumps but a tight copy asking $90 obo

1929 Edition of The Compleat Walton by The Nonesuch Press, Leather bound in slipcase a very lovely copy as tight as the day it was made, all papers intact etc. Not many have survived with SC asking $750 obo

The Reels

CA 1923 Bougle’ 3” with hard leather block case, will ship with a silk line, has a nice badge inside from von Lergke & Detmold asking $5300 advertised elsewhere but will sell if the price reaches what I need for it.





An Original Morner Trout Reel in RHW, a few minor (I mean minor) dits but clean and tight, line and draw string bag included $400 shipped US will work it out if it goes outside CONUS



There will be more.............

The following spools are available and not part of my items just selling for a customer

Elite Farmington Special $8.00
Elite Housatonic Special $8.00
Lamson DCA $20.00 SHIPPED
Lamson LP1 $40.00
Lamson LiteSpeed LS4  $70.00
Redington GD 5/6 Large Arbor Silver $20.00
Redington GD 9/10 Black $30.00
Redington GD 3/4 Black  $20.00
Islander AR2 and AR3 gold 1 each $90.00 each
RPXSP 7/8 $25.00
System 2 45-L 2 each SALE PENDING  78-M 1 each $22.00 each
1492 1/2 Medalist 5 available  $7.00 each $25 all
Cortland Rimfly XSmall $8.00
Cortland LTD Graphite Small $10.00
Cortland Vista 1.5 medium $10.00
Cortland Vista 2 medium  $10.00
Ross Cimarron #1 2nd Generation Black $25.00
Teton Black 5  $28.00

No photos yet but here are the prices, best offers accepted, shipping is the buyers responsibility, all are unused in factory boxes, most have paperwork and some even have tools and pouches, questions/offers happily acknowledged and replied as received prefer personal check or postal money order as these are not my property and no returns please if it's not the right model and I made the mistake in my specifications I'll take it back but if you thought it was what you had and it is not it's yours. Happy to combine ship .......... 

General Jib Jab

I am also into photography using several dSLR Nikon's and astrophotography with my Celestron 8i SE telescope


Working with Levi my Weimaraner brings me great joy also.


My blog

  1. Some stuff about me

    08/18/07 00:34:48 | 1 Comments

    Lots of folks have asked me where the moniker fishnbanjo came from. I simply answer it's a culmination of the 2 things that have made my life enjoyable, fishing and the sound of the banjo, ergo fishnbanjo.


    Why do I fly fish and specifically why do I use bamboo rods.

    This was written in 2002 so it's bit dated as my knee has been repaired and I managed to make it to the Miramichi the following year where I lit into a 40 plus inch Atlantic on my 9' Winston Bamboo. Enjoy...........

    I tried to master a flyrod back in the 70's when I found one in a little out of the way whatever shop, it was glass and what looked like Conlon blanks (from what I know today but back then you could have told me it was bungee cord and I would have known no better). Tried every possible way of learning the casting technique and it was a pain!

    I didn't know anyone who flyfished so finding someone didn't work so well. I finally fished it with a worm and caught my first fish on a flyrod (a sunny) and it felt like a 4 lb Bass to me (later in life I'd find out what a 4 lb Bass really felt like and boy, was I wrong!!). Anyhow, since my progress was dismal with the flyrod I packed it away but the feel of that fish made me want to learn but it was gonna take some help.

    I moved to Maine shortly thereafter and got into salt water fishing in a big way but didn't have the money to get the gear I wanted. A guy at work came in with a pile of salt gear one day and was looking to sell and I asked what he wanted for it, to which he said he wanted to get back into flyfishing and was looking to gear up. I said I had some stuff but didn't know much about it but if he was interested in looking at it I'd bring it in and maybe we can work something out.

    I brought the rod in and the Pflueger 1492 and the extra stuff I had. He loved it and said he'd trade me even and I said OK. We each went off happy and that was that. As time went on I got the urge to try flyfishing once again and this time I had found a wealth of information to be had i.e. magazines, library books, video tapes, a couple of fly shops and people who knew how to do it.

    I bought my...

Fly Fishing is sometimes like religion