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I am also into photography using several dSLR Nikon's and astrophotography with my Celestron 8i SE telescope


Working with Levi my Weimaraner brings me great joy also.


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    08/18/07 00:34:48 | 1 Comments

    Lots of folks have asked me where the moniker fishnbanjo came from. I simply answer it's a culmination of the 2 things that have made my life enjoyable, fishing and the sound of the banjo, ergo fishnbanjo.


    Why do I fly fish and specifically why do I use bamboo rods.

    This was written in 2002 so it's bit dated as my knee has been repaired and I managed to make it to the Miramichi the following year where I lit into a 40 plus inch Atlantic on my 9' Winston Bamboo. Enjoy...........

    I tried to master a flyrod back in the 70's when I found one in a little out of the way whatever shop, it was glass and what looked like Conlon blanks (from what I know today but back then you could have told me it was bungee cord and I would have known no better). Tried every possible way of learning the casting technique and it was a pain!

    I didn't know anyone who flyfished so finding someone didn't work so well. I finally fished it with a worm and caught my first fish on a flyrod (a sunny) and it felt like a 4 lb Bass to me (later in life I'd find out what a 4 lb Bass really felt like and boy, was I wrong!!). Anyhow, since my progress was dismal with the flyrod I packed it away but the feel of that fish made me want to learn but it was gonna take some help.

    I moved to Maine shortly thereafter and got into salt water fishing in a big way but didn't have the money to get the gear I wanted. A guy at work came in with a pile of salt gear one day and was looking to sell and I asked what he wanted for it, to which he said he wanted to get back into flyfishing and was looking to gear up. I said I had some stuff but didn't know much about it but if he was interested in looking at it I'd bring it in and maybe we can work something out.

    I brought the rod in and the Pflueger 1492 and the extra stuff I had. He loved it and said he'd trade me even and I said OK. We each went off happy and that was that. As time went on I got the urge to try flyfishing once again and this time I had found a wealth of information to be had i.e. magazines, library books, video tapes, a couple of fly shops and people who knew how to do it.

    I bought my...

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Fly Fishing is sometimes like religion